Modern Greek Studies in Australia

Macquarie University in partnership with Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation provides a full program of studying Modern Greek in Australia

Greek Studies in Australia

The Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation

The Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation is made up of individuals who share a common goal of securing the viability of the Greek language and culture in Australia. We are all working really hard to expand our support base and, as a consequence, to ensure that the Modern Greek Studies Program at Macquarie University is provided today and in the future for the benefit of future generations of students.

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Greek Studies in Australia

Modern Greek Studies Program Macquarie University

Why study Modern Greek?

The Modern Greek language is living testimony to the evolution of Greek thought and culture from Ancient Greece until the present. As the language of the first philosophers, physicians and scientists, it has contributed a vast number of terms to a wide range of disciplines (medicine, physics, philology, philosophy, theology, technology etc.). It is also a language that can boast of the Nobel Laureates (George Seferis in 1960 and Odysseus Elytis in 1979) and of such internationally renowned authors as Nikos Kazantzakis and Constantine Kavafy. Within the context of Australian society, it is one of the nine priority languages of Australia, with three major Greek newspapers, three Greek television stations and dozens of radio stations (in NSW alone) to its credit. Also, as one of the official languages of the European Union, it has gained greater significance as a means of communication within the sphere of commerce.


The Modern Greek Studies Program of the Department of Media, Communications, Creative Arts, Languages and Literature (MCCALL) at Macquarie University was founded by the late Vasili Georgiou in 1988. The Program was established on a permanent basis, however, only after the Greek Studies Foundation provided $375,000 to the University.

International Day of Modern Greek Language 2022

Far away (or near) we all learn Greek

For the occasion of the International Day of Modern Greek language, which is celebrated on 9th of February 2022, the Modern Greek Studies Program of Macquarie University is presenting a video entitled ‘Far away (or near) we all learn Greek’ with brief messages from distinguished people from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, distinguished politicians from the Greek and Australian governments, academics, former and current students of the Modern Greek Studies Program. The message is that teaching and learning of Greek language is a compass of identity and culture, a means of thought and communication and a ‘bridge’ that connects Greece with Australia. 

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, the Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Seniors NSW, the Hon. Mark Coure, MP, the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs of Greece, Niki Kerameus, the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of Greece, Ioannis Chrysoulakis, the Member for Canterbury, NSW, Labor Party, Sophie Cotsis, MP, the Consul General of Greece in Sydney, Christos Karras, the Executive Dean of Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University Professor Martina Möllering, the President of Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation, Theophilus Premetis, the President of Greek students’ association MUGA, Sam Giovas and the Lecturer of Modern Greek Studies Program Macquarie University, Dr Patricia Koromvokis, have all kindly participated in this initiative of Modern Greek Studies Program of Macquarie University. 

The video will be viewed on social media and will be covered by the media of Greece and Australia.

The Program of Modern Greek Studies of Macquarie University prepared a video for the celebration of the World Greek Language Day 2022, entitled “Far (or near) we all learn Greek”.

Theophilus Premetis

Australian students, whether or not they have Greek heritage, should be able to dream about Greece’s ancient history and how it shaped our civilisation, and then learn more about it by studying the Greek language. No one should pass up the opportunity to learn Modern Greek through our partnership with Macquarie University in Sydney.

Theo Premetis - President

Our Main Goals

As people with Greek heritage, we all want to support the existence of the Greek language.

The Goals of MGSF

Among the principal objectives of the Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation are, first and foremost, to ensure the continuation of Greek Studies at Macquarie University and, second and primarily, to encourage as many Australian students as possible to engage in this program.

Greek Studies in Australia

The Goals of the Discipline

The principal aims of the Discipline of Modern Greek Studies at Macquarie University are first, to provide a sound knowledge of the Greek language and culture and secondly, to foster an understanding of the cultural diversity that defines Australia through intensive language classes as well as through a critical analysis of Greek literature and history.

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Our Supporters

Thanks to all people supporting this project.

MGSF Supporters

Members of MGSF

The Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation is comprised of a group of people who are all united in their desire to see the Greek language preserved in Australia. We are all working very hard to broaden the base of our supporters and, as a result, to ensure that the Greek Studies program will continue to be offered today and in the future for the benefit of future generations of students. If you agree with us and wish to contribute to the preservation of the Greek language, then join us by choosing one of the offerings we provide.

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