The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation Limited for the year 2022 is as follows:

Theophilus Premetis

Keeping the Greek language alive in Australia should be a top priority for each and every one of us.

Theophilus Premetis — President
Dr Patricia Koromvokis
- Lecturer in the Modern Greek Studies Program

Dr Patricia Koromvokis is a Lecturer in the Department of Media, Communication, Creative Arts, Langiages and Literature (MCCALL) at Macquarie University. Her doctorate thesis focuses on the processing of Greek language by second language learners of Modern Greek at Australian universities. She has been awarded with the Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence. Areas of her research interest include Greek language and linguistics, applied linguistics, second language learning and teaching strategies, morphology and syntax interface and teaching Greek language for professional reasons. Up until today, she has taught undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

She has worked as a Research Associate in funded research projects aiming at the development of innovative methods in teaching and learning Greek language. Currently, she is the Chief Investigator in two funded research projects under the Macquarie University Enterprise Partnership Scheme, which target to be the first studies in screening the methodology of teaching Modern Greek for specific professional purposes. 

She has participated in international and Greek conferences as president and keynote speaker. Her studies have been published in Greek and international journals.

Patricia’s portfolio includes impactful international collaborations with universities in Greece and US.

Patricia is the Head of Modern Greek Studies Program since 2020. Through her leadership role Patricia organises events of valuable external outreach and community engagement. She is an active member of different Greek community organisations in Sydney. She is the key speaker of many cultural events organised by the Greek community and often writes articles for the Greek Australian newspapers.

We should all work to guarantee the Greek language thrives in Australia.

Jim Papanagiotou — Treasurer

Representing the Nafpaktians Association 

Connie Hiloudakis

We should all do everything we can to ensure that the Greek language flourishes in Australia.

Connie Hiloudakis — Director
Paul Tsanis

Every one of us has a role to play in ensuring the survival of the Greek language in Australia.

Paul Tsanis — Director
Ted Tzovaras

All Greek-Australians should contribute to this project in order for the Greek language to flourish in the country.

Ted Tzovaras — Director
Leon Bobotas

Every person in Australia has a job to do to make sure the Greek language stays alive.

Leon Bobotas — Director
Samuel Giovas

All Greek-Australians should help with this project in order for the Greek language to spread across the country.

Samuel Giovas — Director

MUGA President

Bill Skandalakis

This is something we are doing for the benefit of our children and future generations. As a result, every person in Australia has a responsibility to ensure that the Greek language is preserved.

Bill Skandalakis — Director

Representing the AHEPA NSW

John Kallimanis

All Greek-Australians should contribute to this endeavour in order for the Greek language to become more widely used throughout the nation.

John Kallimanis — Director

Representing the Nafpaktians Association 

John Theodoridis

Every citizen in Australia has a responsibility to ensure that the Greek language continues to be spoken.

John Theodoridis — Director

Founding member