terms and conditions

Members of the Macquarie Greek Study Foundation are expected to abide by the rules within the Constitution.

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How to apply to become a member

A person (as defined in clause 11.2) may apply to become a member of the company by writing to the secretary stating that they:

  1. (a)  want to become a member;

  2. (b)  support the purposes of the company; and

  3. (c)  agree to comply with the company’s constitution, including paying the guarantee under clause 4 if


Directors decide whether to approve membership

  1. The directors must consider an application for membership within a reasonable time after the secretary receives the application.

  2. If the directors approve an application, the secretary must as soon as possible:

    1. (a)  enter the new member on the register of members; and

    2. (b)  write to the applicant to tell them that their application was approved, and the date that their

      membership started (see clause 0).

  3. If the directors reject an application, the secretary must write to the applicant as soon as possible to tell them that their application has been rejected, but does not have to give reasons.

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the directors may approve an application even if the application does not state the matters listed in clauses 12(a), 12(b) or 12(c). In that case, by applying to be a member, the applicant agrees to those three matters.

When a person becomes a member

Other than founding members, an applicant will become a member when they are entered on the register of


When a person stops being a member

A person immediately stops being a member if they:

  1. (a)  Die;

  2. (b)  are wound up or otherwise dissolved or deregistered (for an incorporated member);

  3. (c)  resign, by writing to the secretary;

  4. (d)  are expelled under clause 17; or

  5. (e)  have not responded within three months to a written request from the secretary that they confirm in writing

    that they want to remain a member.